Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rach Makes Tall Glass Cake Stands

I recently was perusing Pinterest (which I am obsessed with) and saw a display with some beautiful cake plates. I love cake plates. I don't know what it is about them, but every time I see them I want them. And I already own a bunch! However all the cake plates I own are round circles and about 4-5 inches tall. What appealed to me about the cake plates I saw on Pinterest was that were really tall like 10" tall so I thought to myself - "I can make that!"

So I dragged the poor hubby to good will and bought some supplies. This is actually a really easy project. The hardest part is picking out the pieces. We walked up and down the aisles at good will and found 2 beautiful clear glass candle sticks and 2 clear glass square plates. I wanted to candlesticks to be heavy enough that they wouldn't fall over. I think the plates ended up $1 each and the candlesticks were $2-3. Sorry, I can't remember! Anyway the whole project cost under $10.

 So after bringing them home, removing the prices and giving them a good washing it was time for work. In addition to the candlesticks and plates, I also used a ruler, some clear 100% silicone liquid nail and some q-tips. Hubby had the liquid nail but you can find this easily at any Home Depot or Lowes.

Find the center of your plate then take the liquid nail and place some on top of the candlestick. I found it easiest to turn the plates upside down so that gravity could help me. Then just place the candlestick on the plate. It take a bit to dry so you have some time to move it around a little. Then use your q-tips to clean up any excess liquid nail. Let dry about 8 hours or whatever the directions say. I let mine dry overnight.
And VOILA! Two beautiful tall cake plates that are different from all the other ones I own. They ended up about 10" tall and I like how they are smaller and can display just a couple cookies, cupcakes or cake pops. They allow a beautiful dessert table or any other display. You could use this for any kind of plate or candlestick - think color full plate with clear glass bottom or a silver bottom with a pop of blue. The combinations are endless!

Cake Plates

1 Plate
1 Heavy Candlestick
100% Clear Silicone Liquid Nail


  1. Lay newspaper down in your work area
  2. Clean and dry plates and candlesticks
  3. Find the center of your plates
  4. Place the liquid glue along all the edges of the top of the candlestick
  5. Turn the candlestick upside on the bottom of the plate
  6. Push down to make sure proper adhesion
  7. Clean off any extra liquid nail withe the q-tips
  8. Let dry
  9. Enjoy!

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