Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rach Makes it Feel Like Valentine's Day

It has been too long since I blogged! I have been too busy doing projects and irresponsible about blogging those projects. In August we went and visited my lovely sister in law and she inspired me to redo the living room. One day I will post photos of that.

Anywho, the redo had me moving the TV off the fireplace to a different wall leaving my fireplace very sad. I found a mantle second hand on one of those tag sale facebook sites and sweet talked my father in law and husband into putting it up for me right before Christmas. When the Christmas decorations went down I decided my mantle would be the place where I could decorate for all the holidays. So what was the next holiday after Christmas but Valentine's Day!

Below is the finished mantle! I really love it. I meant to share it in February when it was the right month but hey better late than never. I am currently working on redoing it for St. Patty's day. Hopefully it will inspire you for next year!
Here's the whole fireplace, floor to ceiling with the decorations:

Most of the items on my mantle where already in my house. I found the 8x10 frame and found this awesome website with a free printable to put in it. You can find it at Eighteen25 Blog at Her's is for a 16x20 but I didn't have a frame that big so I just put it in word and sized it to 8x10 to fit.

The chalkboard in the middle I had from a wedding that I had done for my girlfriend. I used this free printable at the blog Setting for Four at

I saved the image and then printed it out large on 4 different sheets of paper. Then I taped the paper together and used this tutorial from Sincerely Sarah D at to transfer the image. It didn't take any artistic skills but it was a little time consuming - which led to me sitting on the couch with a giant corkboard while watching tv after the munchkin had gone to sleep.

I filled one apothecary jar with cupcake liners that I bought for a $1 from Walmart and the other one has a ton of heart shaped cookie cutters I just happen to have. I have a serious cookie cutter problem that the hubby encourages. Don't judge - but I have over 400.... 

Anyway moving on, the oval frame is new. I bought it off another facebook tag sale site for only $7! I am in serious love with it but thought by itself it was a little too plain so to jazz up I cut out a bunch of hearts from my felt stock and just sewed them together to make a garland. Then wrapped the garland around the frame. Voila! Pretty and easy.

I love the candelabras but didn't want candles, why you might ask? I dunno, I just wasn't feeling it. I saw these tissue balls on pinterest somewhere and fell in love with them and decided I needed to make some! I promise I will post a how to soon since I couldn't find any good ones and my other sister in law is eager to make some for a party she is hosting soon. Be warned they are time consuming. No artsy or even crafting skills needed, just time.

Finally the banner was made with an old book. I cut the pages out and used my cricut to cut some letters from black paper. Then I cut a heart out of red paper. Glued the pieces on, punched holes in the corners and hung them up using these handy brick clips I bought recently off Amazon. They are super easy to put up and can take down pretty quick too.

Hopefully this blog inspires you to decorate somewhere in your house for the holidays. You don't need a whole mantle, maybe just one bookshelf on a wall. Use your imagination and some inspiration!

UPDATE: I forgot to tell you I posted the how to on how to make the tissue paper balls. You can find them here Rach Makes Tissue Paper Flower Balls

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