Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rach Makes Old Cricut Mats Like New

I love my Cricut. I use it for a ton of crafts in all different way. What I don't love is that the mats are expensive to replace. A couple years ago, I came across some information on how to take your old mats and make them just like brand new! Here's my very used mats...
First step you want to wash your mats in the sink with something you can scrape everything including the glue off with.
An old credit card, plastic scraper for putting on vinyl or my personal choice - the scraper from my pampered chef baking stone.
Scrape, scrape all that gunk off. I usually wait until I have bunch so I can do them all at the same time.
Once you have them good and clean, let them out to dry. (I guess I should have cleared my counter before taking this picture... oh well!)
Once dry, you will need repositionable glue. It is very important you do NOT buy permanent. You want to be able to sticks things to it and peel them off. I like this stick of Scotch Repositionable Craft Glue.
Just rub on enough to cover the whole mat and you are good to go. Keep it fresh by always replacing your plastic over when done with working on it. This lasts just as long as when they are brand new but a bargain of the cost. One stick of glue will cover all my mats you see here without even using half the stick! Not bad for less than $5.

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