Friday, July 11, 2014

Rach Makes Bug Cookies (and how I started making fancy sugar cookies)

First Decorated
Sugar Cookies
So a few years ago for SuperBowl 2011 I decided it would be fun to make sugar cookies that look like helmets of the teams. At the time it was Pittsburgh Steelers versus Green Bay Packers. My friend at the time was having a SuperBowl Party and I thought - what fun! I love making desserts and this was my opportunity. Well. I had never really made decorate sugar cookies before so this was my first go - don't judge (even though I am looking back at those and critiquing the heck out of them).

Well they came out all right. I got compliments but I thought to myself I could do this better. So per typical Rachel fashion I googled and lo and behold stumbled upon the most amazing blog - Bake at 350! This woman makes the most beautiful cookies and she even provides all the secrets to her amazing cookies with step by step instructions and videos too. So she inspired me and since then I have been an avid maker of fancy cookies. Not quite to her level but someday I may get there.

My husband loved the idea and since then I have collected over 400 cookie cutters (I know a little excessive). Don't worry they are neatly organized in my basement in containers sorted by type and stacked neatly with labels. We wouldn't have it any other way.

So a couple weeks ago, I (or rather my cute kid) was invited to a bug birthday party for 2 little boys. And of course I thought to myself - I MUST bring cookies. I told hubby and he said "How do you even know they will want your cookies?" I looked at him, "Seriously, who wouldn't want my cookies. They are awesome. Tell your friend to tell his wife that I am bringing bug cookies."

Now I quickly checked my cookie cutters only to find out all I had was butterflies, bumble bees and spiders (of course the spiders came out of the Halloween bin). That's when I heard Joann Fabrics calling my name. How could I do bugs without caterpillars? So hubby and I, along with a 50% coupon, headed over and picked up a six pack. You can find them at amazon here but I wanted them now. (I am sort of instant satisfaction kind of girl, I would rather drive 45 minutes and get something than wait 2 days for my amazon prime to deliver them - I know patience is a virtue that I just don't have)

Well anyway, now I had a whole collection of bug cookie cutters. So I decided to make 7 different types and since this was a birthday party for boys ages 4 and 6, they had to have faces and be cute. So here's the breakdown:

  1. Yellow butterflies
  2. Green Caterpillars
  3. Black Spiders
  4. Blue winged dragonflies
  5. Red ladybugs
  6. Yellow and Black Bumble Bees 
  7. Neon Green Flies
I hope it inspires you to beeee creative with your cookies :) (my mom would be rolling with that joke). But really, you could use them for a fun sleepover, a camping trip, or even a picnic.
Photo by Heather Keogh

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