Monday, July 21, 2014

Rach Makes Labeled Syrup Bottles

So in my previous blog I told you how I made homemade pineapple and mango syrup. I also decided to make strawberry kiwi syrup using the way all the blogs told you to. Boil water and sugar and add a cool aid packet. So now I had three homemade syrups and three store bought syrups and no way to display them.

I wanted them to look nice and have a consistent look while still letting people know what flavors they were. I figured a dollar store run would solve this problem and do it cheap. I found these sugar pours with fun colored lids and thought they were perfect.
And for the price of $1.49 each it was a match made in heaven.
First I removed the stickers at the bottom of the jars and washed them thoroughly. While at the dollar store I also picked up a roll of contact paper that looked like wood - also only $1.49.

I used my handy dandy cricut and the base camp font and cut the words out of the contact paper. For the shorter flavors - Cherry, Mango and Grape, I used a 3/4" height for the other ones I did 1/2".

I removed the letters and used my xacto knife to hold the middle of the letters down for a, e, p, o, g, b. Then I put a piece of scotch tape over these letters to to hold the middle in place. I then cut the contact paper down to a size of 3" (the height of my bottle) by 1". I just liked the look of 1". For the flavors with two words they were more like 1 1/2" width. Then I pulled a little of the contact paper off, centered it on the bottle and apply it slowed.
Remember to smooth out the contact paper so you don't get any air bubbles. Then remove the scotch tape from the top. The great thing about using contact paper is it water proof and it sticks on its. I have used it for a couple projects now and love how easy it is to work with.
For the words that I cut out at 1/2" I didn't feel it was necessary to keep the middles for the e, a. They were so small and impossible to hold onto. I think it still looks nice.

Remember when you move onto the next one that you put your contact paper in the cricut so the pattern goes the same way for all of them.
I love the bright colors mixed with the wood look. It really reminds me of Hawaii.

Snowcone Syrup Bottles

Contact Paper $1.49 for the roll
Jars $1.49 each

Scotch tape
Cricut cutter with font cartridge
Xacto knife
Paper cutter or scissors

  1. Clean your jars and remove any existing labels
  2. Measure your jars and see what size makes sense for your labels
  3. Cut out letters from a block of contact paper
  4. Remove letters and tape down any letters that have middles
  5. Remove from cutting mat and cut to size
  6. Carefully apply to jar
  7. Smooth out any air bubbles
  8. Remove scotch tape
  9. Fill and enjoy!

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